S4 Parts Spec

S4 Fan Specification

Dimension: 120*120*38mm
Voltage: 12V
Start voltage: ≧8V (Power ON/OFF)
Power consumption: 1600RPM 1.68W / 4000RPM 25.8W
Rated current: DutyCycle 100% @ 2.15A
Air Flow: 4000RPM @ 178.3CFM (Max be 239CFM)
Noise: 4000RPM @ 56.7 dB-A (Measured in a Non-EchoChamber)
Air Pressure: 1600RPM 2.88 MM-H2O (4000RPM 16.9MM-H2O)
Life Expectancy: 40,000 hrs @ 25℃ (May degrade faster at higher temperature)
Connector: 2510-4P 

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