How to diagnose S5 hashing PCB

In this tutorial we will explain how to diagnose which hashing board is causing issues.
If your miner have issues like on pictures below then you are on right place.



First thing to do when you unpack new or used miner is to check that all cables are connected properly. Cables know to detach a little during the shipping and cause serious issues with the device.


Also when changing your malfunctioned hashing board or control board check how much pins you have on data cable connections. There are two types with 16 pins and 18 pins.


Also it is good to know which version of hashing board you have


Below you can see hashboard connections and data


First we need to test chain 1, on picture below you can see how to connect cables and PSU.


Now we can test chain 2, please take a look on picture below for further explanation.


After you have tested both chains you can update to latest firmware using admin dashboard update.

Below are pictures that will help about orientation and what tools you will need.


If you have malfunctioned hashboard you can remove it from the device and take it appart to check condition of paste below heatsink.



The following pictures shows how it should look, when you remove the hashing PCB from S5 unit.  You should see wet thermo paste on both chips and on the heatsink side.




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